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If you have registered your blog with us and created a post you believe should be aggregated, but hasn't appeared on our site, this page can help you with some of the most common issues.

  • Is your registration information accurate?

    Make sure your blog URL and RSS URL are correct on your registration. This is the most common problem with post aggregation.

    An RSS feed is a way for readers (or automated systems like our site) to learn about your blog without visiting your site. We need your RSS URL so our system can learn when your blog has been updated. You can find it by looking for the feed icon on your blog: .If your blog doesn't have a feed icon, then try these addresses:

    • Blogger/Blogspot:

    If this doesn't work, you can register for, click on "feeds" and "add," and put your blog's url into the dialog box. Your RSS URLs will be listed.

  • Did you enter the citation in "code" or "html" view?

    Many blogging platforms offer two different views for bloggers to edit their posts, a "visual" view that approximates what the final post will look like, and a "code" or "html" view that allows you to enter the actual html commands. In most cases "visual" view will not work, and you should try the "code" or "html" view.

  • Have you checked "manage posts"?

    If you click on your blog name in the "My Blogs" box, then click on "manage posts" at the top, you can see whether our aggregator has seen your posts. The list will initially display "active" posts. Select "all" from the drop-down menu to see all the posts. A post can have several different statuses:

    • No citation: This means our system has seen your post, but hasn't detected the code for a citation at all on your site. If you think the citation is there, you can edit the post on our site and rescan it. In a few minutes, check again to see if the status has changed. If it hasn't, then you might want to re-enter the citation following the directions here.
    • Submitted: The system knows about your post, but hasn't yet processed it. Check back in an hour or so, and if no action has been taken, consider rescanning or re-entering the citation.
    • Under Review: Our administrators are reviewing the post to see if it meets our guidelines. You may contact us using the link at the bottom of this page to ask about the status of the post, or simply wait for the issue to be resolved.
    • Active: The post should appear on our site. If you don't see it, try using the Search function.
    • Error: Our system has seen your post and the citation, but there is an error in the citation. Try re-entering the citation and re-scanning the post.
    • Rejected: Our administrators have rejected the post, either because it does not meet our guidelines, or for some technical reason such as a duplicate post. You may contact us using the link at the bottom of this page to ask about the status of the post.

    If the post does not appear in "manage posts," then our system hasn't yet seen your post. You can try rescanning your blog from your blog's home page. If your post still doesn't appear in "manage posts" then something may be wrong with your RSS feed. Check the RSS URL you provided us to see if your post appears there.

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