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  • January 7, 2009
  • 06:10 PM

Are funny ads worth the money? What makes ads memorable, and why

by Dave Munger in Cognitive Daily

Every year about this time, we start thinking about an exciting television event: the Super Bowl. I'm excited because it's the biggest football game of the year. The rest of the family just likes to watch the commercials. No doubt, some of those commercials are hilarious, and there's often more conversation about the commercials than the game itself. Companies spend millions buying advertising time, and millions more developing commercials that will stand out from the pack on Super Bowl Sunday. ........ Read more »

  • October 13, 2008
  • 04:17 AM

A personality test that can't be faked

by BPS Research Digest in BPS Research Digest

Aspects of personality can be even more important than IQ when it comes to predicting workplace performance and academic success. If you're conscientious and emotionally stable, you're likely to be a better employee or a more successful student than someone who is lazy and unstable. The trouble for university selectors or company recruiters is that personality tests can be easily faked...until now. Psychologists in Canada think they've found a way to measure the Big Five factors of personality t........ Read more »

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