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  • June 7, 2013
  • 01:05 AM

The Range of Imitation in Dogs

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

A quick look on what science has told us about how dogs imitate models. Turns out, dogs are copy cats.... Read more »

Range, F., Heucke, S., Gruber, C., Konz, A., Huber, L., & Virányi, Z. (2009) The effect of ostensive cues on dogs’ performance in a manipulative social learning task. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 120(3-4), 170-178. DOI: 10.1016/j.applanim.2009.05.012  

Range, F., & Viranyi, Z. (2009) Different aspects of social learning in dogs. Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, 4(6), 244. DOI: 10.1016/j.jveb.2009.05.007  

Range, F., Viranyi, Z., & Huber, L. (2007) Selective Imitation in Domestic Dogs. Current Biology, 17(10), 868-872. DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2007.04.026  

Virányi, Z., & Range, F. (2009) How does ostensive communication influence social learning in dogs?. Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, 4(2), 47. DOI: 10.1016/j.jveb.2008.10.023  

  • February 26, 2013
  • 07:44 AM

Dogs Know That You Know

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

New research suggests that dogs know that we know. That is, dogs have a degree of awareness of human perception. Wow!... Read more »

Kaminski, J., Pitsch, A., & Tomasello, M. (2012) Dogs steal in the dark. Animal Cognition. DOI: 10.1007/s10071-012-0579-6  

  • February 19, 2013
  • 07:36 PM

Golden Retrievers: Cancer If You Do, Cancer If You Don’t

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

Recent research looked at five canine diseases in Golden Retrievers, and found that when intact (not desexed) dogs had the disease, dogs that were desexed had double or more the incidence of that disease.... Read more »

Torres de la Riva, G., Hart, B., Farver, T., Oberbauer, A., Messam, L., Willits, N., & Hart, L. (2013) Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders and Cancers in Golden Retrievers. PLoS ONE, 8(2). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055937  

  • February 14, 2013
  • 05:52 AM

Oral Flea Treatment Most Effective in Dogs

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

Veterinary scientists discovered that oral flea treatment is significantly better at controlling fleas in dogs versus a topical treatment.... Read more »

  • January 12, 2013
  • 04:57 AM

DO SOMETHING! Make a submission!

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

Submissions are required to be made by Friday to the Select Committee in SA Parliament. Please contribute and make a difference for South Australia animal welfare.... Read more »

Coleman, P, Veleanu, H, Wolkov, SK. (2011) It's raining cats and dogs.. Government lawyers take note: differential licensing laws generate revenue, reduce costs, protect citizens, and save lives. Stetson Law Review, 40(2). info:/

John Scott, & John Fuller. (1967) Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog . The American Biology Teacher, 29(9), 756-756. DOI: 10.2307/4441905  

Seksel, K. (2008) Preventing Behavior Problems in Puppies and Kittens. Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice, 38(5), 971-982. DOI: 10.1016/j.cvsm.2008.04.003  

  • December 30, 2012
  • 07:55 AM

Razboinichya Rover

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

A 'dog like' skull was discovered in 1975, and was dated to have been alive about 33,000 years ago. Research was undertaken to determine if it was, really, a dog.... Read more »

  • December 23, 2012
  • 05:26 PM

Television is Good for Puppies

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

Is TV good for puppies? Research suggests that young puppies exposed to audio-visual stimulation are less fearful than puppies without this benefit.... Read more »

  • February 11, 2011
  • 09:00 PM

Belyaev’s Fox Experiment – Changes – Part II

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

Description of the changes observed in Belyaev's fox experiment.... Read more »

  • February 5, 2011
  • 05:22 AM

Belyaev's Foxes - Introduction - Part I

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

A summary of the work of Belaev in his ongoing experiment with foxes.... Read more »

Belyaev, DK. (1979) Destablizing selection as a factor in domestication. Journal of Heredity, 70(5), 301-308. info:/

Kukekova, A., Trut, L., Oskina, I., Johnson, J., Temnykh, S., Kharlamova, A., Shepeleva, D., Gulievich, R., Shikhevich, S., Graphodatsky, A.... (2007) A meiotic linkage map of the silver fox, aligned and compared to the canine genome. Genome Research, 17(3), 387-399. DOI: 10.1101/gr.5893307  

  • December 28, 2010
  • 09:34 PM

Trio of Dogs Study

by Leema in Some Thoughts About Dogs

What do three dogs do by themselves in St Louis City, Missouri, in 1973? Researchers studied their behaviour.... Read more »

Fox, MW, Beck, AM, & Blackman, E. (1975) Behaviour and ecology of a small group of urban dogs (Canis familiaris). Applied Animal Ethology, 1(2), 119-137. info:/

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