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  • March 26, 2015
  • 12:38 AM

The Smell of Stress and Fear

by Aurametrix team in Olfactics and Diagnostics

Can we recognize if people around us are stressed, anxious or fearful without observing their facial expressions, body language and actions or hearing their voice and messages? Can we understand if we are stressed ourselves without assessing our heart rate, blood pressure, noticing dry throat, sweating, drops or surges in energy? Yes, we can - by using our nose - as humans, too, recognize and transmit their emotions through chemical senses.When we are stressed or panic we become more sensit........ Read more »

Haegler, K., Zernecke, R., Kleemann, A., Albrecht, J., Pollatos, O., Brückmann, H., & Wiesmann, M. (2010) No fear no risk! Human risk behavior is affected by chemosensory anxiety signals. Neuropsychologia, 48(13), 3901-3908. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2010.09.019  

Prehn-Kristensen A, Wiesner C, Bergmann TO, Wolff S, Jansen O, Mehdorn HM, Ferstl R, & Pause BM. (2009) Induction of empathy by the smell of anxiety. PloS one, 4(6). PMID: 19551135  

  • November 28, 2014
  • 10:21 PM

The Day After Thanksgiving

by Aurametrix team in Environmental health

Seasonal changes, holidays and shopping activities are among the environmental factors that can influence our health. What positive or negative effects can we expect on Black Friday and days right after? The Friday-after-Thanksgiving was coined "Black" by police officers because of the fact that the traffic on the day after Thanksgiving is usually heavy and crowds are large. And they were right. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration & CDC, Thanksgiving is the most dang........ Read more »

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2001) Reducing the risk for injury while traveling for Thanksgiving holidays. MMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly report, 50(45), 1016-7. PMID: 11724161  

Hull HR, Radley D, Dinger MK, & Fields DA. (2006) The effect of the Thanksgiving holiday on weight gain. Nutrition journal, 29. PMID: 17118202  

Petrescu, M., & Murphy, M. (2013) Black Friday and Cyber Monday: a case study. International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, 5(3), 187. DOI: 10.1504/IJEMR.2013.052884  

  • November 10, 2014
  • 04:51 PM

Intestinal Parasites: Friends, Foes and Shades of Gray

by Aurametrix team in Irritable Bowel Blog

Parasite is a bad word with negative connotations. Yet, "bad things" can be good for you - and every situation is different. About one third of people in the world carry at least one parasite in their gastrointestinal tract, and the relationship between health and intestinal parasites is not as straightforward as one might think.... Read more »

  • September 6, 2014
  • 06:22 PM

Is the Internet of Things the Real Thing?

by Aurametrix team in Health Technologies

The Internet of Things: an exciting new world with a digital nervous system or a nightmare where objects take decisions while we are unconscious?15 years ago, when the term was first coined, it was about assigning everything around us a unique identity with RFID tags, to enable all material things to talk to each other and save us time for gathering and using information. As RFID tags dropped below 1 cent cost, and sensors, modems and devices are getting smaller, smarter and cheaper, this vision........ Read more »

Ashton K. (2009) That 'Internet of Things' Thing, in the real world things matter more than ideas. RFID Journal. info:/

Schreier G. (2014) The internet of things for personalized health. Studies in health technology and informatics, 22-31. PMID: 24851958  

Perera, C., Zaslavsky, A., Christen, P., & Georgakopoulos, D. (2014) Sensing as a service model for smart cities supported by Internet of Things. Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 25(1), 81-93. DOI: 10.1002/ett.2704  

  • June 28, 2014
  • 01:57 PM

On Luck, Skill and Hard Work - in Soccer and Life

by Aurametrix team in Health Technologies

Big data doesn't always get us closer to truth. Especially if there a fair bit of luck involved. And many think this applies to football/soccer games (Sally and Anderson, for example, say that soccer results are 50% luck). Yet data analysis provides valuable, sometimes counter-intuitive insights into this beautiful sport and the science of winning and losing in general.How many measurable elements of a soccer game contribute to the outcome? 2014 FIFA world cup's statistics page displays scores c........ Read more »

Javier López Peña, & Hugo Touchette. (2012) A network theory analysis of football strategies. In C. Clanet (ed.), Sports Physics: Proc. 2012 Euromech Physics of Sports Conference, p. 517-528, \'Editions de l'\'Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, 2013. (ISBN 978-2-7302-1615-9). arXiv: 1206.6904v1

Cotta, C., Mora, A., Merelo, J., & Merelo-Molina, C. (2013) A network analysis of the 2010 FIFA world cup champion team play. Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, 26(1), 21-42. DOI: 10.1007/s11424-013-2291-2  

Padulo J, Haddad M, Ardigò LP, Chamari K, & Pizzolato F. (2014) High frequency performance analysis of professional soccer goalkeepers: a pilot study. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness. PMID: 24921614  

  • April 13, 2014
  • 11:59 AM

The Curse of the Internet

by Aurametrix team in Health Technologies

It's hard to imagine our lives without the Internet  - either mobile or desktop. The Internet has become a catalyst of innovation, an essential tool in business and social life. It brought new levels of participation and access to knowledge. It enabled new forms of interaction, albeit mostly utilized for entertainment purposes. But despite all the advantages and conveniences, does the Internet really serve us or is it the other way around?... Read more »

  • February 3, 2014
  • 11:21 PM

Digestive Diagnostics: Portable, Wearable, Insideable

by Aurametrix team in Irritable Bowel Blog

Next sensors will be in you, said a recent popular article. And some of them will monitor your digestive system.Accurate monitoring of digestion is hard. There are apps and high tech gadgets for that - like a fork that monitors eating speed or a watch that counts bites, but neither of them can provide a continuous and objective measures of what exactly is eaten and how it affects the digestive system.Thanks to wonders of modern technology, cows now have a device that can monitor the effects of f........ Read more »

  • December 15, 2013
  • 07:45 PM

From Cyber Zombiness to Ambient Awareness

by Aurametrix team in Health Technologies

Dr. Phlox, the Enterprise surgeon, responded to the comment about movies (aka stories unfold on the screen) by answering: "Well, we had something similar a few hundred years ago, but they lost their appeal when people discovered their real lives were more interesting."At this stage of our evolution, virtual characters and screens are taking over our lives. We stare at our devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs - 12 or more hours a day.  We are less fully aware of our surroundings and ........ Read more »

  • November 4, 2013
  • 11:37 PM

Keeping Pollutants Out with Exercise

by Aurametrix team in Environmental health

Food, drugs, air and everyday products like soap, cloth and grocery receipts are polluting our bodies with hundreds of toxic chemicals. New chemicals are constantly being introduced into our environment and the effects of most of them on human health are not known. About 30% of human diseases are due to environmental exposures as genetics is not the whole story. Whether rich or poor, our bodies are burdened with toxic waste. High socioeconomic status means more mercury and arsenic........ Read more »

Giles LV, & Koehle MS. (2013) The Health Effects of Exercising in Air Pollution. Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.). PMID: 24174304  

  • October 29, 2013
  • 02:15 PM

IBS: pity, compassion and discrimination

by Aurametrix team in Irritable Bowel Blog

 The effects of IBS on quality of life may be more substantial than those of many other chronic diseases. It affects school, work and life, putting the sufferers at risk for social isolation. Numerous books, columns and blogs about this condition usually affirm that social problems arise because the sufferers are trying to hide the fact they have IBS from others. Keeping secrets is stressful, while being upfront and coming out of the closet is the best strategy. Is it really?........ Read more »

Sutin AR, & Terracciano A. (2013) Perceived weight discrimination and obesity. PloS one, 8(7). PMID: 23894586  

  • October 20, 2013
  • 11:41 PM

Are You What You Read or Do You Read What You Are?

by Aurametrix team in Environmental health

The environment plays a significant role in our health. We are exposed to multiple physical, chemical and biological challenges, including information - like news and gossip stories related to health and wellness. How exactly is it affecting us? University of Pennsylvania researchers surveyed over two thousand US adults 40 to 70 years of age on how they scanned for information about specific health behaviors. The researchers followed up one year later to see how participants' behaviors chang........ Read more »

  • September 11, 2013
  • 04:57 PM

Asthma in September

by Aurametrix team in Environmental health

Asthma sufferers know that when it rains it spores - as fungi and mold get moving through the air. But many don't realize that the most dangerous month for children's asthma symptoms is dry September. A study of hospital data found the spike in admissions in two to three weeks after the return to school. It happens in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel, Finland, Trinidad, and Canada, where 20% to 25% of all childhood asthma exacerbations requiring hospitalization have occurred........ Read more »

Sears MR, & Johnston NW. (2007) Understanding the September asthma epidemic. The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, 120(3), 526-9. PMID: 17658590  

Lin S, Jones R, Liu X, & Hwang SA. (2011) Impact of the return to school on childhood asthma burden in New York State. International journal of occupational and environmental health, 17(1), 9-16. PMID: 21344814  

  • September 7, 2013
  • 08:56 PM

Body Odor and Skin Bacteria

by Aurametrix team in Olfactics and Diagnostics

Our bodies are rainforests of microbes feeding off the leftovers from our meals and contributing to a variety of body odors.  Human skin is inhabited and re-populated depending on health conditions, age, genetics, diet, the weather and climate zones, occupations, cosmetics, soaps, hygienic products and moisturizers. All these factors contribute to the variation in the types of microbes. Population of viruses, for example, can include a mixture of good ones - like bacteriophages fighting acn........ Read more »

Grice EA, & Segre JA. (2012) The human microbiome: our second genome. Annual review of genomics and human genetics, 151-70. PMID: 22703178  

  • August 18, 2013
  • 12:20 AM

Building a 23rd Century Tricorder in the 21st

by Aurametrix team in Health Technologies

The $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize and $2.25 million Nokia Sensing Challenges are trying to identify the best portable technologies for diagnosing disease - as easily as Dr. McCoy's tricorder of the 23rd Century could. What scientific knowledge could help us to develop it in this age? Detecting metabolites, sensing DNA, imaging the nanoworld of the human body or interaction between matter and energy? Medical diagnostics was always a multi-modal procedure. Even ancient physicians used o........ Read more »

  • July 4, 2013
  • 06:09 PM

The Hazards of Working Nights: for breasts and beyond

by Aurametrix team in Environmental health

The jury is still out whether Angelina's choice is brave or fearful, but the fact remains: having or not having the "bad" genes is not enough to develop or avoid developing breast cancer. As a matter of fact, only 5% to 10% of breast cancer cases result directly from inherited gene defects. Check it yourself, by using this decision tool developed in Stanford.  Even though for members of some families with BRCA mutations the risk may be as high as 80%, this could be because of environme........ Read more »

Grundy A, Richardson H, Burstyn I, Lohrisch C, Sengupta SK, Lai AS, Lee D, Spinelli JJ, & Aronson KJ. (2013) Increased risk of breast cancer associated with long-term shift work in Canada. Occupational and environmental medicine. PMID: 23817841  

  • June 28, 2013
  • 07:40 PM

I Know What You Ate This Summer

by Aurametrix team in Olfactics and Diagnostics

Despite active foodstagramming and foodteresting, and eagerness to show pictures of meals and diet reports to friends on social media, we don't really want others to know everything we eat. But they might know anyway.Why worry about NSA, when Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others know what we might be eating. Cameras record our ways to groceries and restaurants, credit cards record our purchases, food chains know our weaknesses, clothes shops know how, as a result, our pant sizes change over ........ Read more »

Baranska A, Tigchelaar E, Smolinska A, Dallinga JW, Moonen EJ, Dekens JA, Wijmenga C, Zhernakova A, & van Schooten FJ. (2013) Profile of volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath changes as a result of gluten-free diet. Journal of breath research, 7(3), 37104. PMID: 23774130  

  • June 13, 2013
  • 03:59 PM

Putting the Social back... and forth

by Aurametrix team in Health Technologies

In the year 2006 'google' was officially declared a verb in Oxford Dictionary and Merriam Webster. But startups have not given up on building search engines. That same year Facebook opened its doors to users over the age of 13, preparing for exponential growth spurt. The list of startups working on yet another social network and lining up to present their sites at Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup kept growing too. And so were the crowds attending the meetups - as everybody wanted to see the next ........ Read more »

Cantor M, & Whitehead H. (2013) The interplay between social networks and culture: theoretically and among whales and dolphins. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 368(1618), 20120340. PMID: 23569288  

  • June 9, 2013
  • 01:05 PM

Is Your Work Giving you IBS?

by Aurametrix team in Irritable Bowel Blog

All jobs come with health risks. Some risks are obvious in the short-term, others seem very minor but with plenty of negative long-term consequences. Such as weight gain or irritable bowel syndrome. ... Read more »

  • June 6, 2013
  • 01:30 PM

When it Smells Like Team Spirit

by Aurametrix team in Olfactics and Diagnostics

Why do we connect and collaborate, deciding to "walk in the light of creative altruism" instead of the "darkness of destructive selfishness"? Is it because of subtle behavioral clues that make us "click" and consider the other person a part of the group? Or is it because it smells like team spirit? It very well might be. We (literally) smell love, victory, fear, along with chemicals that motivate us to cooperate. As was recently shown in double-blind placebo-controlled studies that quantitativel........ Read more »

  • May 14, 2013
  • 01:20 PM

Coffee: Bugs and Debugging

by Aurametrix team in Irritable Bowel Blog

Coffee can bug or de-bug you - in many different ways.It can actually energize your gut bugs. Nestlé researchers showed that for sixteen healthy adult volunteers consuming a daily dose of 3 cups of coffee during 3 weeks. This led to an increase of the metabolic activity and/or numbers of Bifidobacterium species, important probiotics in the food industry. Bifidobacteria has been long suggested to be therapeutic for the relief of intestinal disorders, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome ........ Read more »

Jaquet M, Rochat I, Moulin J, Cavin C, & Bibiloni R. (2009) Impact of coffee consumption on the gut microbiota: a human volunteer study. International journal of food microbiology, 130(2), 117-21. PMID: 19217682  

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